Mantra Monday #5

It's #MANTRAMONDAY again! 


If you’re too comfortable, it’s time to move on. Terrified of what’s next? You’re right on track.
— Susan Tales-Hill

I was scrolling through Pinterest, as one does, and came across this quote and it just resigned with me. The reason why I felt like I wanted to share this quote this week is because every month I go through these stages. One day I am crying because I am not pregnant and I want to be pregnant so bad and the next day, I think "oh crap, what if I'm pregnant. Then I have to go through all of these changes and my life will never be the same" - I now know that these thoughts are very honest, raw and most importantly, normal.

There is a girl in my support group that got pregnant two months into trying and she shared with the group that she sometimes is afraid because she got pregnant quickly, just got married, doesn't know if she is ready, etc etc and that reminded me of the moments where I have similar thoughts except for, I'm not pregnant yet.

Wouldn't you think that having these feelings before getting pregnant is a good thing? Like maybe we can prepare for whats to come? Last month when I thought I had a faint positive, I went through all of these emotions again and then they disappeared because I was so excited to actually be pregnant. In a way, I think that has helped me with this cycle because I no longer feel afraid (at the moment).

Anyway, I thought that it was such a great mantra to share and now you know why I shared it!

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