20 Date (Day or Night) Ideas To Keep The Romance Alive While Trying to Conceive

Starting a family is nothing like the movies portray it to be. The first three or so months are the closest thing to the movies as it gets but it quickly turns into a "babe, I'm ovulating for the next two days so rest up" type of experience. All of my ladies out there, you know exactly what I'm talking about. As women, we dream of starting a family and what it would be like to be pregnant and have little Timmy running around in the yard with the dog but it takes a long time to get to that in reality. And some women don't get to experience that at all.

With this blog post I am sharing 20 of the most creative date nights that I could possibly think of, to keep the romance alive while trying to conceive because like I said above, after awhile - it's not really that romantic. Something that I would like to add here is that a date can take place during the day too! Actually, you have a lot more that you would be able to do in a day than you would if you only went out for date "nights". I'm a HUGE fan of day dates. :)

Also, bare with me, this will probably be my longest blog post to date:

20 DATE IDEAS (good for the day or night):

1. Dinner & A Movie (with a twist): One of you picks the restaurant and the other chooses the movie.


2. Game Night: I don't mean board games either, games that help you have conversation, laugh and enjoy each other's company like rapid fire questions (my husband and I love these), Plead The Fifth (any Bravo fans out there?), 20 Questions, Something You May Not Know About Me, etc, etc. My sweet husband and I love to play these games while waiting for our food at a restaurant. But if you are a lover of board games, why not?!


3. Go For a Hike (but go somewhere where neither of you has been before)


4. Take a Day Trip: I'm a huge fan of day trips, where we live in North Carolina we are 3 hours from the beach and 3 hours from the mountains so it's a decent trip to make. You could even take a day trip and go for a hike in the same date! Being in the car together gives you the chance to reconnect, maybe play a few of the games from #2


5. Do a Project Together: Rather it's a DIY, improvement on your home, redecorating a room, this activity can be very productive and a great way to spend some time together.


6. Bowling: Yes, you read that right and no you don't need a group of friends or young children to enjoy a bowling date! Especially if there is a bar at the bowling alley. Enjoy a cold beer, glass of wine and some greasy pizza (forget about your fertility diet for one day) and enjoy bowling with your partner. Make it interesting, loser has to give the winner a nice massage later! (This may even help that baby be conceived, wink, wink)


7. First Date, Date: This one is a lot of fun and my husband and I did this about a year after living together because we felt that we missed when we would go a week without seeing each other and get excited for a date. So I got ready for a date in a separate room, he went out and filled the car with gas (or you partner could go get flowers, etc) and then when he came back he knocked on the door like he was picking me up. It seems so silly and we laughed a lot but it was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed doing that. We asked each other questions like we were getting to know one another and everything.


8. Book Club Date (for readers only): Choose a book and both of you read it over x amount of time and plan a date to either go to brunch, lunch, or dinner to discuss the book. If you love to read (and your partner too) then this could be a great bonding experience and conversation that you don't have to "try too hard" to have.


9. Netflix & Cuddle: I am a huge binger and love to dive into a brand new show. This is something that my husband and I recently started doing today, we will pick a new show on Netflix and just binge watch it together. We try to pick a show that we both have never seen before so we can experience it together. If you are short on money, this is a great option. We love to order a pizza and eat the pizza while watching Netflix.


10. Spa Getaway (at home) Date: For awhile, this was our favorite date night and it was usually really romantic and sexy. I would make dinner for the two of us (usually something light that way we didn't get too bloated to baby dance) and then I would make sure the bedroom was clean, light a few candles and play spa music. You can either get in a bath together or give each other massages. The music and candles create a really relaxing and romantic environment. 


11. (if you have the money) Plan a Weekend Getaway: This one takes some time and money but if you are in a really desperate need to reconnect with your partner, a weekend away will do the trick. Even if it's a small cabin the woods where you don't do anything but watch TV, or a weekend on the beach, a weekend in a hotel in a neighboring city, this can really help you reconnect and feel giddy about each other again. 


12. Visit A Landmark in Your Area: I really like this one, find a landmark in your area or close by (or you can incorporate a day trip) and do some research on the landmark, learn about the history and visit it together. Especially if you are both history buffs.


13. Movie Marathon: A lot like binging something on Netflix but instead, pick a movie that has many movies in the franchise and watch them back to back! We did this a few years ago with the Saw movies and I loved it! Let me know if you need any recommendations, we love our movies!


14. Meet At a Bar After Work: Spice it up and agree on a hot spot to meet at after work, if you aren't into drinking that's fine! You don't have to drink alcohol at a bar but the environment is perfect to meet up, get a really small bite to eat and enjoy each other's conversation. You can even do this with dinner.


15. Sports Date: Golfing together is a great date idea, I am not very good at golfing BUT I love to sit in the golf cart with a book while my husband plays. I find the golf course to be so relaxing! Tennis or Putt-Putt are other good ones! Depending on your hobbies, of course.


16. Pizza Date: Make your own pizza dough, buy a bunch of toppings, and make pizza's for each other. It's so fun, hands on, and you don't have to go out to do this.


17. Take A Class Together: Cooking, dance, or painting classes are just a few examples of fun classes you can take with your loved one!


18. Meet For Breakfast or Lunch on a Work Day: I know this may not be for everyone but if one of you is off work, go meet the other for lunch. Or plan a day that you both can go in a little late (sacrifice work hours if you can) - It will give a great start to your day or make you look forward to lunch when you get to see your partner.


19. Coupon Book: Each of you, makes the other one a coupon book of things you'll do for them, sexual or not. Like do the laundry, clean up after dinner, cook dinner for the other, back massage (is that the theme of this blog post?), choose where you will go to dinner, etc.


20. Handmade Gift Giving: This one may be fun! Plan a dinner and each of you have to bring a handmade gift for the other one. It will for sure make you both laugh and will make you think of what each other likes.