A Little Update on Cycle Eight

I think it's no secret that the two week wait can make us women just a little crazy. What's making me crazy is that I have less symptoms this month compared to past months and it's freaking me out. In my support group, the women who get the BFP always say "I really didn't think we conceived this month" or "I had no symptoms" so part of me has been wanting to scream "I really really really don't think we conceived this month" so that the big man upstairs hears me and gives me this little human i've been wanting for 8 months now! Sadly, life doesn't work in a "Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret" kind of way. And if you have no idea what that reference is to - you missed out.

The last post I shared with you all, I told you about my really bad cramping on 3 DPO and it started to disappear on 4 DPO but day 3 was absolutely horrible. The cramps were real and they were painful - but not as painful as my usual period cramps. These also were on and off which has never really happened to me. I also complained of some random nausea and that nausea is really the only symptom that has stuck with me since my last post.

Every other day, I get a wave of nausea and it lasts for maybe a second. I'm not someone who gets sick often and when I do - it doesn't come out that way if you catch what I'm throwing so the nauseous feeling is new to me. Don't let me fool you, I have felt it once or twice before during this process but never like this. I actually get the feeling like oh my, I may just throw up. But, luckily I never do.

I have a really really bad feeling that when I am pregnant, I will get morning sickness - really bad. AWESOME! But to be honest with you, at this point, I will throw up every day for a freaking year if it means I can grow and birth a healthy child and be pregnant right here and right now. See how desperate I am? I'm sure you ladies understand!

So as for this update, I'm really just a little nauseous at night. It's happened maybe twice in the morning before I've eaten anything but that could be totally unrelated. You know, now that I am typing this update I am remembering that for the last few days, I've been a little hormonal. At least I think that's what it was. I literally was crying watching TV and nothing sad or happy was happening. It was strange. Also, last night I had a few little arguments with my husband that I am pretty sure I started over nothing because I just felt like I was in the mood to fight. Isn't being a woman fun?

While writing this, on Friday, I am on cycle day 24. My cycles are normally 27 or 28 days on the dot. But with last months bleeding issue, I'm expecting to have a 30 or 31 day cycle. I ovulated a day later than I think I usually ovulate (I say think because this is my first month using OPK and I use to go by when I was cramping) and if we followed my usual period cycle, my period would start in 3 or 4 days only 11 or 12 DPO. Is that normal? Maybe because I am now using OPK, i've always ovulated late and didn't know it. Geez, that would make me feel like crap.

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