And What If I'm Out This Cycle?

I should warn you, this post may not be the most positive one yet. If you've been following me for the last two cycles then you know that every month around my period I get a little down in the dumps because it's another failed month. Honestly, I think I am totally entitled to feel down during that time because every vision that I've had in my head is gone for that cycle. Now, this post is a little different because my period has not started but I just know that it is about to.

Currently, this is the 26th day of cycle eight and today marks ten days past ovulation. Yesterday I thought I felt a little cramping but at the time that I felt the cramps, I hadn't eaten at all so I wasn't one-hundred percent sure that it wasn't just hunger cramps. This morning, I'm still feeling little cramps here and there but they are very different from the cramps that I mentioned to you all in a blog post regarding three and four days past ovulation. I wish I could explain that more but I just know that the cramps are different and the cramps that I am feeling now are my "period is coming" cramps. I've been a woman long enough to know the difference.

On another note, in my Facebook support group, there was a post about the Easy @ Home pregnancy tests - which are the pregnancy tests that I am using this month because I was tired of spending $20, $30, $40, etc a month on these tests just to get a negative result, don't work. That's right, there was an entire post about these tests and how they have gotten a negative result with those and a positive with a First Response Early Result pregnancy test. That was a little concerning but I think I would be more worried if I wasn't experiencing these cramps.

My regular period is about 28 days. I often start my period on day 27, so that could be tomorrow. But with my irregular period last month - I don't really know what to expect. According to my Glow App my period will start on day 30 this month. I have no idea where they get that from but I guess we will see.

Has anyone had cramps that they swore were "period is coming" cramps and then were late? Or pregnant? Please email me if you have ever heard of or experienced this! (

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