Cycle Eight Ovulation

As of Friday, February 24th, I am in my two week wait for my eighth cycle of trying to conceive. That sentence doesn't sting to type as much as I thought it did. I know that my last few posts were negative and kind of depressing but I started a new month, a new ovulation window and am doing my best. That's all any of us can do, right?

The intention with this post is to share with ya'll what we did different this month and for me to document some dates, symptoms, etc. I posted a photo on Instagram and found out that I have a lot of #CycleSisters which made me feel so much less alone. It's crazy what this blog has already done for my mental health in the last two weeks. Maybe I should add that to my list of things you should do before trying to conceive - along with join a support group, you should make a private anonymous Instagram account so that you can connect with literally hundreds of other women who are in the same place as you. I've learned so much about fertility, infertility, pregnancy, and more. It's pretty incredible. It's also very uplifting because you get to meet these incredibly strong women.

According to my Glow App my fertile window was February 16th - 22nd

Something new that we tried this month was Pre-Seed. I was hesitant at first because I am huge research-er and I fell down a deep black hole of negative reviews and information about the product. So I held off. Then, I went to my doctor on February 13th to discuss my strange bleeding thing (read that post in my recent posts) and she told me that she highly recommends us trying it. So, I bought it on Amazon along with some Easy @ Home OPKs. These OPKs are new to us this cycle too. If you've read some of my other posts then you know that I am not a fan of OPKs because I feel that they put so much pressure on sex (more than there already is) and they really stress me out. But, with it being our eighth cycle trying to get pregnant - I am pretty desperate. I was kind-of afraid that I would do the tests and find out that my Glow App was totally wrong, because then that means I haven't really been trying to get pregnant and I would have had done the deed on all the wrong days. 

Cycle Day 13 | February 20th

When I tested in the morning - nothing. But, when I tested around 5 p.m. of the same day, it was a tad darker. Not much and not enough to be a surge but I took this as it meant that the surge was going to happen soon. My glow app always tells me its CD 14 so I was curious to know if that is really how my body works or not. I tried not to get too excited and tested the next day.

Cycle Day 14 | February 21st

I first saw my actual surge on CD 14 around 5 p.m. This is where the tests kind of stress me out because that made me feel like we needed to do the deed that night but we were very tired, I wasn't in a good mood and it just wasn't the best time. We also tried for the past two days prior to this day so I really felt like my husband needed to save himself for at least 24 hours so that his "swimmers" could be nice and strong. I have no idea if that was the smart choice but doing it three days in a row just seemed like over doing it, in my opinion.

Cycle Day 15 | February 22nd

My surge continued into CD 15 and we made sure to baby dance so that we didn't miss this opportunity! Our doctor told us that it was actually best to have sex five days prior to ovulation, which we did. So we really feel like our chances are strong! But, we have felt this before so I am trying not to get my hopes up.

Here is a view of my Glow App this month. The hearts mean that we "tried" that day and the green check means that I logged information like cervical mucous, cramping, bloating, etc.


So, I think it's safe to say that I ovulated on February 22nd. As I am writing this I am on CD 18, 2 DPO. I'm not even kidding - I have had weird short but painful cramps all day. So I am considering that to be a DPO symptom. I'll continue to keep you guys updated - I do more updates on Instagram so make sure to follow me there!

What's the strangest DPO symptom that you have had? I'm so curious to know!