Everything You Need While Trying to Conceive

Aunt Flo is still in town, it's cycle day five and I don't have too much information to share with you all. I thought that this would be a great opportunity for me to share some of my "necessities" when it comes to trying to conceive because over the last month I've been asked the same questions three times on Instagram. So in honor of those inquires, I am dedicating an entire post to everything you need this month for trying to conceive

  1. Ovulation Predictor Kit - I use Easy @ Home and buy them from Amazon for super cheap. They have a few different options when it comes to purchasing them and I like to get the 20 for $8 because that lasts me 2 cycles, usually.
  2. Pre-Seed - This is my second month using Pre-Seed. In general, I have no complaints whatsoever. I was a little nervous to try because I had a few women tell me that the texture was hard to get use to, the smell wasn't great, and that their husband complained but I have to disagree with all of the negative feedback I heard before trying. This product feels like any other lube! Follow my link below to purchase on Amazon, I think it saves you $2-3 buying online.
  3. First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test - Let's be real, this is the very best pregnancy test on the market right now. The pink dye, digital option, and early result make this test a go-to for so many women. 
  4. Basal Body Temperature Thermometer - If you are into tracking everything, then you will absolutely need one of these! For most women, tracking their basal body temperature is how they know that they are about to ovulate, when they are ovulating, and when it's over. 
  5. A Fertility Tracking App - I use Glow but a lot of women in my support group with Ovia. I think they are both great, I have used them both but I feel that Glow is much easier to use.

I know that you can purchase 1-4 on Amazon which means you don't have to risk running into someone you know (if you still live in your hometown that is) because I feel like no matter how old I get, I am terrified to be caught with pregnancy tests at my local grocery store! Plus, I purchase a few of these items on Amazon because it does usually save a few dollars. You can sign up for Amazon Prime and get free two-day shipping and then cancel before the 30 day trial is up! Just a little tip. I added those four products below, these are the actual brands and products that I personally buy from Amazon every month (sometimes every other month if I'm lucky). 

Other than what I listed above, I highly recommend getting a few of your favorite snacks and some healthy fertility fruits like pomegranate, blueberries, strawberries, and lot of pineapple chunks! Also, I love to get some scented candles to light during baby dancing but that may just be my personal suggestion.

What products am I forgetting? I would love to hear what your favorite products are!