Holy Cramps!

I just made the mistake of searching all the information that I could find about cramping 3 DPO. Here's my advice; don't do it. I fell into a dark hole and now I'm stuck wishing that I never did.

As you can tell from the title of this post, I am experiencing some cramping at three days past ovulation. Now, cramping is very normal for me but I cannot remember the last time that I experienced cramping this soon after ovulation. The first month that we tried to conceive I do remember feeling a lot of cramping and although I am no doctor, I have assumed that the reason I experienced those cramps is because my body had never "not prevented" before so I think that it was just a new experience for my eggs, uterus and ovaries to experience. Eight months in to this journey and I can only assume that's not the case.

So, according to this article on Bright Press, cramping can mean a whole bunch of things when it comes to reproductive health. I learned from a young age not to trust everything I read on the internet but this is an interesting read because it mentions that implantation can occur anywhere from 3 DPO-12 DPO depending on the woman of course. Well, I am 3 DPO so I can only hope that it's implantation! Yesterday I felt some light cramping but I could ignore it. Today on the other hand - the cramping comes in waves. It's light for a few hours and then a bit heavier for a few hours so it's pretty inconsistent. If I learned anything from last month - nothing means anything when it comes to creating life. Seriously.(If you haven't already, read that post titled about my really odd, irregular and scary symptom that occurred 6 days past ovulation)

I read somewhere, I wish I could remember where so I could cite it and let you all see the information too but I read that majority of women actually don't feel anything during implantation. Don't you find that hard to believe? I sure do. I have some sort of cramping almost every month. So unless I am just super unlucky when it comes to cramping - I feel like that just isn't accurate. If you think about it - implantation is the fertilized egg burrowing into the walls of your uterus (OUCH) so yeah, that is going to hurt.

Hopefully I will have more of any insight on this within the next few days - now all I can do is wait (Yay - two week wait!) and hope for the best!