Here We Go, Cycle Seven

I've been thinking a lot about how I want to update you guys, please forgive me if over the next few months this format changes because I want to make these entries easy to read, understand and follow. Each cycle will have a few posts because I plan to post updates once or twice a week. If you get confused, I will have a category for each month so just click on the category and all of the posts for that cycle should pop up. Please email me if you have any issues with my website so we can get the kinks worked out.


Fertile Window Begins: January 27th, 2018

Expected Ovulation: January 31st, 2018

Fertile Window Ends: February 2nd, 2018


My symptoms have been pretty mild compared to past months, which is strange to me. I normally have pretty rough cramps and backaches for 2-4 days but I haven’t had any so far. On Monday, January 29th, I had some light cramping so that could have been that ovulation would be happening within the next day or so. On Saturday, February 3rd and Sunday, February 4th - I had pretty massive headaches. Let me vent for a second about these headaches because I rarely get them but there were a few months that really tortured me. The tough thing about these headaches is while TTC, you can’t take anything but Tylenol, which does nothing for me. Excedrin is the only medication that I feel helps my headaches and from what I researched, you shouldn’t take them while TTC. I’ve worked in the medical field and I feel that they just mean taking multiple doses over the course of a few days or even a week. I know that most doctors don’t like for you to take more than one or two doses of Excedrin a week so I can understand not wanting a pregnant or woman trying to get pregnant taking too much of it but I find it hard to believe that ONE dose once every 6 months would hurt my attempt at getting pregnant. Does anyone disagree? I hope that I’m not wrong because I took one dose last night and it felt SO MUCH BETTER! It was a huge relief. Also, I hadn’t drank any coffee in about 3 days at this point, so I had no caffeine in my system. I had lived with this headache for two whole days and kept taking naps to get rid of it and nothing helped. I haven’t taken any medicine in months so I definitely don’t overuse.

Okay, moving on. One thing that I am doing different this month is making smoothies once or twice a day. I’ve been doing a lot of research about pineapple, spinach, berries and pomegranate so I went out to the store and bought all of that and started making smoothies. I plan on doing a post about my different smoothies because they are really yummy and filled with things that boost fertility and support implantation. From my research, this could really help. The downside is that my husband HATES green vegetables so I usually have to hide them in his food which drives him nuts when he finds the hidden veggies. Ladies, you can’t be the only one putting in the work to get pregnant - sometimes a man’s diet can make his swimmers weaker than usual.

I almost forgot to mention that I am also drinking hot peppermint tea! I bought one that is caffeine free and did a little research on that and found that it is actually great to drink while pregnant because it helps with nausea, indigestion and relieves stress.

Now that I have ovulated, this is usually when my symptoms (if I have any) start so I will keep you all updated. Fingers crossed that this is my month!

Any other cycle sisters out there?? Let me know what your important dates are in the comments.