The Strangest, Most Irregular Cycle Ever

With this being the seventh month that we have been trying to conceive, I’ve learned to not over-think this whole thing. I often find it easy to stay distracted during the two week wait and I have learned to not get my hopes up but this month - something weird has happened and I am just not sure what to think about it.

On 7 DPO - I noticed that I had some brownish spotting in my underwear. It was not a lot at all and I only noticed it because the color of the underwear that I was wearing. In my seven months of doing this, I have never had spotting. I should also add that since going through puberty at 11 (reminder: I am now 25) I haven’t had an irregular period. Sure, there have been a few periods that came a day early but never more than a day. So the fact that there was spotting at all, was off. Honestly, I couldn’t help but get my hopes up in that moment because I assumed it was implantation cramps. After all, implantation can occur as early as 3 DPO (although it’s less likely that early) and as late as 12 DPO - so being 7 DPO (at this time), you can see why I was hopeful. When I got home from work, I explained all of this to my husband and it was obvious that his hopes were up too. This felt like the closest we got to pregnancy since we first started trying. I put in a tampon, just in case, and went to bed that night not thinking much about it.

When I woke up on 8 DPO - I had my normal urge to go to the restroom. I wasn’t worried about the bleeding because it was such a small amount so when I pulled down my underwear, I was very surprised. The amount of blood, was scary. My whole post-puberty life - I’ve had horrible cramps that often made it hard for me to go to school/work/etc, (WARNING: TMI) The blood was all over my underwear, hands, thighs and yes, the floor somehow. The color was bright red and the consistency was thinner than my usual period blood. Waking up to see this, made me worry. I immediately got on my iPad and Googled everything I could about implantation bleeding and weather it could be heavy, light, differ in color, etc and what I found is that it is usually very light but there are women who experience heavy bleeding which is why some women think that it’s just their period and don’t know that they are pregnant for the first month or so.But, I also read all of the horrible things that it could be - don’t worry I won’t share that with you in case it haunts you like it haunts me. Not to mentioned, I have HORRIBLE cramps and even though they were really painful - they weren’t as bad as period cramps.

9 DPO - The bleeding is still going on, I’m still wearing tampons but the bleeding is lighter. The cramping is very minor and it seems to be getting better. I also read in my research that implantation usually lasts 2 - 3 days so if it lasts longer my periods are usually 5 or 4) so I guess if this stays after the fourth day - we will have an answer to our question!

I made an appointment with my new doctor for Tuesday, February 13th so I will update you all after that appointment.