This Gal Went To See Her Doctor

During my last update, I explained the really strange and irregular set of symptoms that I was experiencing the days following ovulation. If you haven’t already - go and read that post first because this is an update to whatever was going on during those few days.

I left off at 9 DPO so let me pick back up and get you caught up on what’s going on.

On 9 DPO

I called a local women’s health center that was on my list of “covered by my insurance” doctors and made a new patient appointment. I was going to wait until we had been TTC for a year but as I’ve said a hundred times on social media and in my last post - this was so abnormal to me that I convinced myself that something terrible was happening.

10 DPO

The bleeding at stopped during the evening of 9 DPO (2/9/2018) but I continued to keep an eye out for any blood. I did not wear a tampon after I noticed that the bleeding stopped but I tried to stay aware of what was going on. All day on 10 DPO (2/10/2018) I had absolutely no bleeding. However, at night I got very nauseous. Something you should know about me is that I don’t really get nauseous or sick to my stomach. Vomiting is a very rare side effect or symptom for me, I have seriously only thrown up twice in the last 15 years (that’s as far back as I can remember) so it’s pretty odd when I feel this way. The nausea was pretty bad - the room felt like it was spinning (I was laying in bed) and I remember saying to my husband “I’m afraid I’m going to throw up.” Luckily, I didn’t but I fell asleep shortly after the feeling began.

11 DPO

To my surprise, I started to bleed again. It was very light and on and off all through out the day. My the end of the day, I felt that the bleeding had stopped so I didn’t wear a tampon to bed. (I know that may be TMI but it is important to show when, how long, etc I was bleeding)

12 DPO

I did not experience any spotting on 2/12/2018 or 12 DPO. I used the restroom before bed and when I wiped, I thought I saw a hint of blood but it’s possible that I was just really paranoid about it starting up again. I knew my appointment was the very next day and I don’t know, I just didn’t want the bleeding to start up again. I just wanted to make it to my appointment so I could be told what was wrong.

13 DPO

I finally made it to my appointment day and to say that I was nervous would be an understatement. Sure, I haven’t been TTC as long as others but this whole “journey” is tough because every month I convince myself that I have all of these new symptoms and that because of the new symptoms, I must be pregnant! And then I’m not so I am bummed and hurt. I have a new respect for women dealing with infertility because this just isn’t easy. It was hard to imagine this feeling before we started so now, I feel like I really get it. I still hadn’t had any bleeding whatsoever in 2-3 days so at least I had that going for me. I really liked my new doctor and I’m excited to get pregnant and continue to go to her office. She was so kind and sat down to discuss these symptoms and gave me a lot of insight from her personal experience with getting pregnant with her own children. I told her that I had went on the “dark web” and researched what heavy bleeding while TTC can mean and she literally said, “let’s go down the list and knock out each and every one” which, I thought was really nice. She explained to me that it would be far too early to have bleeding from an ectopic pregnancy or a chemical pregnancy because usually with both, you get a positive pregnancy test first - which I didn’t have yet. So that was off the table. Other things like PCOS, endometriosis, etc didn’t really fit the regularity of my periods or symptoms that I was experiencing. I brought up the fact that I did some reasearch and learned that pomegranates are great during ovulation and in the days following it because it helps blood circulate to and/or around the uterus so I was thinking that it’s possible this is just implantation bleeding but because I had eaten so much pomegrates, the blood was heavier from my uterine wall. She said she didn’t even know that about pomegrates but if that’s what they do, it’s very possible. She even told me that before finding out she was pregnant with her son, she had bleeding around the time of her period and it was as heavy as her usual period so she assumed she didn’t conceive that month - but later learned she was wrong.

So, long story short,

nothing is wrong that we know of right now. She said that it’s possible that I had an early period, ovulated early or late, or I could actually be pregnant. It’s hard to know at this point so her recommendation is to take a test every few days over the next week and see if I get a BFP and if I don’t - maybe take a blood test and see if I have any HCG in my system.

I also bought some OPKs and Pre-Seed which if you have read my other posts you know that I used OPKs early on in TTC and hated the stress that it put on me but I am willing to give it another shot. My doctor said to definitely try the Pre-Seed because she has recommended it many times and it has worked for a lot of her patients.

I left the appointment feeling optimistic. I took a test on 2/13/2018 and 2/14/2018 and both were negative. According to my Glow App, my period should start on 2/15/2018 but I’m not really sure what to do because if this spotting/bleeding incident was my period - it won’t start on 2/15/2018 (obviously) so I may need to do the OPK strips daily because how would I know when I ovulate next if this period was messed up? It’s very confusing for someone who normally has a regular period. (I know, I know, lucky me)

So, where I am right now is taking a pregnancy test every other day.

Has anyone else experienced this?