What I'm Feeling at Five Days Past Ovulation During Cycle Eight

This two week wait is moving along so slow. I am a week away from my expected period and I am doing everything I can to NOT obsess with the fact that I hope Aunt Flo does not show up. I wish I could bribe her so I could get my way, but that's not exactly how that works. Bummer.

I mentioned in my last blog post that I started experiencing some cramping three days past ovulation - those cramps went into the fourth day but started to settle down a bit so it wasn't as bad.

Something that I have been noticing over the last 5 days is that I've had nausea on and off. It's mostly at night and it scared me at first because I am not someone who gets sick and vomits, it's just not how my body works so for me to feel nauseous - it's a little uplifting looking as I am searching for symptoms.

On day four, I swear that I saw two drops of brownish cervical mucous. I could have just been really searching and I am only 60% sure that I saw it but I am noting it on my Glow App just in case.

Today, five days past ovulation, I noticed some small pimples show up on my chin. Which if you research it then it usually has to do with hormones. But, this has happened before and I am a week away from my period so it's possible that it's from Aunt Flo. That damn Aunt Flo. But something I am experiencing today is feeling hormonal and emotional over literally nothing. I can't figure it out and I normally don't get hormonal around my period until the day before my period starts so I do feel like it's a little early for that to be from my period.

I hate symptom spotting because aren't we always searching for something to be happening? I think I will test on Friday. I bought some Easy @ Home pregnancy tests on Amazon this month. I got 20 tests for $9 so I won't be wasting a bunch of money this month.

Thanks for reading! Comment below if we are sharing a cycle and experiencing some of the same symptoms.