Let's Talk About Softcup

Softcup is a menstrual "cup" used for 12-hour period protection but women in the trying to conceive community use it to help them get pregnant! Actually, as I began writing this blog post -- I actually learned that they rebranded this month and are now re-branded as "Soft Disc" and the announcement that they released on their website is:

April 2018 - The Flex Company renames Softcup to
”Softdisc” to help distinguish the menstrual disc from other menstrual products in the market.
— SoftDisc.Com

Not that you really needed to know that but moving forward, when you purchase, this information could be helpful!

Women use the Soft Disc to keep all of the little swimmers inside. It's ultimately the same thing as putting your legs up (with your hips tilted) after sex except, I think it's a bit more efficient. What I've been doing is inserting it directing after baby dancing and now, I leave it in for minimum 30 minutes, maximum 2 hours.

When I first used the product, it honestly freaked me out. I use tampons which have a string for you to pull on to remove the product. The Soft Disc does not so make sure to read the instructions. The first time I used it, I think I actually cried because I was so afraid that I couldn't get it back out or something but it's actually pretty easy to use. You squeeze the cup and insert it in your vagina and you push the "plastic" part down. It's hard to explain but the diagram in the box is very helpful.

You take out the disc by hooking it with your finger and removing it. Which is that part that really scared me just because I'm not use to it. I know plenty of women who use this disc for their period and leave it in for the full 12 hours. That I can't understand because it seems messy but every woman is different. 

My overall review of the Softdisc for trying to conceive, is that I've actually enjoyed using it and can see how it can help you get pregnant. Although I haven't reached the point of a positive pregnancy test yet, I can see HOW it would work. My suggestion is to try it for yourself because it's definitley something you will have to get use to. I haven't used the competieters (like Divacup) but I would assume they would work very similar to one another.

Have you used Softcup turned Softdic before? What was your experience? Comment below!


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