Cycle Nine Update

Welcome back! I hope that all of my #CycleSisters are gearing up for ovulation - I know that I am trying to! I haven't posted an update on this cycle yet because well, I'm actually feeling pretty good. Last month I was really negative and down around my period so I complained a little but this month was a little different. And even when I was complaining last month, I did not feel as down and depressed as I normally have in the past. I believe I mentioned it in my last blog post but a sweet TTC sister in my support group told me to say "I will get pregnant" everyday and it will help me stay positive and maybe that's working? It's hard to say! 

Here are my important dates according to my Glow app:

  • Fertile Window Begins: March 16th, 2018
  • Ovulation: March 20th, 2018
  • Fertile Window Ends: March 22nd, 2018

So, today is March 17th. As you read above Glow seems to think that my fertile window is now. I took an OPK this morning and it's getting darker but it's definitely not at a peak yet. Either way we are baby dancing just to cover our bases! 

One thing that I have been experiencing is some pretty severe headaches over the last week. I had one on Tuesday and now I've had one for over 24 hours. It started Friday afternoon and gradually got worse. When I got home from work I literally laid in bed and fell asleep around 6:30 p.m. and woke up at 8 p.m. to take off my make-up and brush my teeth only to get right back in bed. Usually if I sleep, my headache is gone when I wake up but not this time. It's currently 5 p.m. on Saturday as I am typing this and my headache is still here but very mild (because I took Excedrin). Ok, let's talk about the headache meds a little bit here because I absolutely hate Tylenol. It doesn't work for me and I continue to try and take it and see if it helps and NOTHING. So after three doses of Tylenol Extra Strength I gave in and took Excedrin. I know that I shouldn't have done that but I haven't even ovulated yet so I don't think it can mess with implantation or anything just yet. Hopefully. I honestly get so stressed out over that stuff. I get so worried that doing one thing can mess everything up when in reality - people get pregnant and do much worse to their bodies than taking one dose of Excedrin. Bottom line is the Excedrin basically worked. The headache is pretty mild at the moment and I can now live with it. It was so painful before. I've been researching migraines all day and I'm thinking that I have a tension headache but I can't figure out why. I drink a lot of water, I haven't been that stressed lately, I'm sleeping fine, so I don't know what it could be. All I know is that I didn't get headaches like this before trying to conceive. What in the world could that mean?!

Well, that's really all of the updating that I have for you today. I'm working on a post on how to use Easy @ Home OPKs because I've had a few questions about them so once I actually ovulate and have examples for you - I'll be sharing that post. I also have an update on the podcast edition of Dreaming of Diapers & Dimples so check back in for that one!