A Consult With The Reproductive Endocrinologist

Hello, Dreamers! Thanks for checking out my blog, Dreaming of Diapers & Dimples. To be honest, I don’t know why I always start with that - I just feel so thankful for you! I received so many sweet and loving messages today because you guys actually read my blog and remember that I had a consult today. Your support means more to me than you could ever know! 

Today we had our consult with a reproductive endocrinologist (fertility specialist) and going into that appointment, I was very nervous. This week has just been so crazy for me with my anxiety, maybe I’ll do a blog post all about those struggles soon. I find those posts really hard to write.

My husband and I arrived to the clinic, I am not even joking, one-hour early. We are always afraid to be late and the clinic was actually an hour from our house (we live in the middle of NO WHERE) so we were nervous that we would hit traffic. Well, we didn’t hit any traffic and got there extremely early. But I am happy that I was able to sit in the waiting room for awhile because in a weird way, it helped my nerves. Along with having my husband there with me, of course! We played a few games on our phones. We get really competitive and try to beat each other (he always wins and it’s so annoying). 


First thing, I got my vitals taken and everything was fine. Then the nurse weighed me and I can’t remember if I mentioned this in my post about my annual exam with my OBGYN but my Doctor was concerned about my weight because I had lost 3-4 pounds in the last month. Which doesn’t seem like much but I don’t usually gain or lose weight, I’m somehow really good at maintaining weight. So she told me not to lose anymore and I’ve lost another 2 pounds in the last 2.5 weeks. Reminder: I’m doing the anti-inflammatory diet. So, I need to work on that. 

We then met our specialist, Dr. P, and first we just discussed my medical history, my husband’s medical history, my symptoms of Endometriosis, and what we have been doing over the last year to try and conceive. 

My short luteal phase is really concerning to me so I expressed those concerns to Dr. P and he made me feel so much better. He said that there are a lot of things they can do to lengthen or control that - so it’s not a concern right now. 

He agreed that the next step was an HSG (which my OBGYN told me would be next) but he gave me two options. Option one is have the HSG and if there is any blockage or concern, then we will do the surgery to surgically diagnosis and remove the Endometriosis and fix whatever issue is going on with the tubes. Option two, go ahead with the surgery, diagnosis and treat the Endometriosis and take a look at the tubes, run the dye, etc. He told me that he thinks I should do option one, because it’s obviously less invasive and he would rather not do surgery if he doesn’t have to. I agreed! 

So our next step is an HSG.

Regarding the sperm analysis, I had my husband prepare to do it today. The reason being, we can’t do it at home and bring the specimen in because we live too far. There is a certain window (I think it’s an hour) and we would just miss that window. It’s just too stressful. So while I do my HSG, he will be giving his sample in the office. I know he is not happy about that but he is going to be a trooper and suck it up. I think he honestly feels worse for me because I have to have a catheter go through my cervix and have doctors face to face with my lady parts. I wish I could trade places with him, for sure.

We discussed some other things like “What if the HSG and SA are normal?” And Dr. P said that we would then focus on the luteal phase. He would probably have me take Letrozole and a trigger shot around ovulation and try to have more control of the “environment”.

That’s really as far as we got in the conversation. He didn’t mention IUI or IVF so I think I’m going to try and forget about them for now. Until they are brought up by our specialist, who knows exactly what he is doing, I’m going to focus on the things I do know. 

Both my husband and I had our blood drawn today, I think the phlebotomist took 6 vials from me, it was crazy! I’m doing some basic labs like thyroid and we added genetic testing. My husband also had the genetic testing. Luckily it’s 2018 so insurance companies are covering that test. I don’t think anything crazy will pop up but I guess, we will find out!

I did find out some really exciting news though, my insurance will cover 3 IUIs which was a complete shock to me. So, that’s good. But if I have a short luteal phase and my husband has normal results on his SA - I don’t know if that’s even anything that will help us. 

An update for where I am right now as I am writing this, I am on cycle day 25. Aunt Flo usually arrives on day 27-28 so I have a few days. I’m an estimated 7 DPO right now so it’s way too early to test. I’m still using Progesterone cream post-ovulation. I will have to do a blog post on these side effects because for a few days, I thought I was crazy. If AF is on time, then my luteal phase will only be 9 days this cycle. I know that Dr. P said that he wasn’t concerned with this but I still am. I fell down a dark hole on the internet and am thinking I won’t be able to conceive naturally. But that may just be me! 

It would AMAZING if I conceived this month. It would save us a lot of money and would make us so so happy. 

So, what’s next in our journey? Waiting to see if this month is a success or fail. If it’s a fail, i’ll call the clinic and schedule the HSG and SA. And then we will go from there based on results.