Cycle Thirteen of Trying to Conceive

Hello Dreamers! Sorry that it's taken me so long to write this update. I normally do a pre-ovulation and a post-ovulation update each cycle but things are just so weird and crazy this cycle! Today's update will be kind of different because this cycle is very different for me. Going into cycle thirteen, I felt really relaxed and at ease because I had my HSG scheduled, my husband was going in for his semen analysis, and we had another appointment scheduled for the end of July with our RE. So I felt like I had so much going on and so much to look forward to that I didn't want to stress myself out more than I usually do. I used all of my OPKs last cycle and I didn't buy anymore for cycle thirteen. But, if you've been following me on Instagram, you know that I recently bought (second hand because I like to save money) an Ava Bracelet so I'm really just relying on that this cycle. Rather that's a good decision or a bad decision, I don't know and I don't really care at the moment because I just need a break from worrying. Also, I've officially been on my new anti-anxiety medication for a month, I have had the thought that may be playing a factor in my laid back attitude right now. Honestly, I'm not complaining. I am so tired of worrying, stressing about testing for ovulation with my first urine of the day, taking a good picture of the strip so I can compare to the tests before that one, etc, etc, etc. It's exhausting. I know ya'll understand.

When I posted a photo of my Ava Bracelet on Instagram, it seemed like a lot of women actually didn't know what it was. It hadn't occurred to me that people don't have access to this all over the world. Basically, it's a way that you can track your cycle for general concerns or getting pregnant, you can also track your pregnancy with it. It uses some really cool features to determine your fertile days and all of my research on the topic shows that it's pretty accurate. With that being said, it's not for everyone. It's too early for me to say if it's right for me. Women are so different and our bodies are vastly different so this may not be the right thing for everyone. I am hoping that it helps me. What I want to do with it is eliminate the use of OPKs. I tried tracking my basal body temperature and just found it stressful. This tests your skin temperature at night. And it's nice because I only have to wear it while I'm sleeping so I don't have to freak out all day over fluctuations in results. But this blog post is not about Ava, if ya'll are interested in me writing a review or what I think after my first full cycle using it, let me know! I'm happy to answer any questions about it too.

So, the topic that I honestly don't want to write out but know that I need to is my husband's semen analysis results. The last you heard from me, I shared my experience with getting the HSG done and I shared five ways that I helped keep my husband calm prior to his in-office semen analysis. I wrote that post while we waited for the results but we got them in on Monday. I've just been dreading sharing the results. My husband has great numbers. His motility, quantity, quality, blah, blah all looks really good! BUT his morphology result was abnormal. Apparently, the head of his sperm are amorphous and the tail/midsection is really thick. The "percent normal" was 4% (which sounds terrifying) but according to the results, 0-4% normal is sub fertile with poor prognosis, 5-13% normal is fertile or sub fertile with good prognosis, and >14% is normal fertile specimen. So, his number is far from the 14% which would be ideal but he is 1% away from it being something not to be too concerned about. After doing research and asking the sweet ladies in my online support group (ya'll really need to be in one) it seems like this could be improved. I'm not so worried because I love science, medicines, etc, and know that something out there can help him. I have him taking Maca Root right now. I read that can help sperm quality and I'm going to buy some vitamins to start him on this weekend that way maybe they can help next cycle, if you don't conceive this one. For those of you who don't know, amorphous sperm is basically "headless sperm" which sounds TERRIBLE and so so so so bad but apparently that name is not the actual name for it, it just looks like headless sperm. Amorphous sperm is basically immature sperm, so it isn't finished maturing before it's released to meet my egg. (I tried to put that as nice as possible) but sperm issues can take up to 3 months to correct so I'm keeping that in the back of my mind. If we don't conceive for 3 more months, I have to believe that this all is happening for a reason. I just need to remain positive! 

So, our next step is meeting with our RE on the last day of the month. We should get more information and insight then. I wish the appointment wasn't so far out but that's my fault, I couldn't make any other day work with my schedule.

Other than the results, I just wanted to share with you all what I'm doing this cycle and what I'm not doing this cycle. I'm still on my anti-inflammatory diet but I am allowing myself to cheat a little. My last period was awful and so painful so I don't know how much it's really helping me. It makes me feel better on a day to day basis though, which I like. I'm using the progesterone cream again, that really helped my last cycle. it was 31 days instead of 27. I'm also taking Maca Root pills to help with sex drive, egg quality, overall reproductive health, and more. There are tons of benefits to Maca Root. I had a sweet Dreamer tell me to try it ages ago and I just now too her advice. 

Overall, I feel really good. I know that the morphology results weren't what we had hoped for but I have every reason to believe that it can be fixed and we can conceive naturally. I'm so sorry that this update is so long and disorganized! With our appointments, I haven't done a good job at updating all of you but I hope to be better. I'm going to sit down with my husband this weekend and do a fertility/infertility/trying to conceive Q & A with him to see how much he listens to me. I have a feeling this Q & A will be hilarious. I'm thinking of recording the audio. If you think of any good questions, email me, comment below, or send me a message on Instagram!

Thanks for sticking with me on this long drawn out blog post. Sending all of you lots of love and baby dust!