Preparing for Ovulation, Cycle Twelve

Hello, Dreamers! I hope that everyone is having a good week so far (although we still have so long to go until Friday). I wanted to share a cycle twelve update with you all since I am preparing for ovulation.

If you read my last blog post, I went and saw my OBGYN last week and had my annual physical exam and we talked about the fact that we’ve been trying for a year without any success. The appointment was eye opening, filled with information, and positive. I won’t recap my entire last post but if you haven’t read that yet, click here to catch up.

I'm really trying to take it easy this month because usually I'm worried about using products and timing, blah, blah, blah but I am just kind of tired of doing those things. I need a mental break without actually taking a break from trying to conceive. Also, we have a plan in place for testing so I feel like there isn't as much pressure on me this cycle. Although it would be wonderful to get pregnant and NOT have to do those things. Only time will tell! I was such a mess for the first 10-12 days of this cycle but seeing my doctor really made me feel so much better. 

I am NOT using Pre-Seed this month. It's a great product but I've used it for 4 months and it didn't help me get pregnant so I'm just thinking that it's pretty pointless. Obviously, issues with my cervical mucous is not my issue here. However, I have been using coconut oil as a lube this cycle. I don't use much because it's pretty oily but it helps baby dancing not be so painful (thanks Endometriosis). I have not found much information on coconut oil as a lube but everything I read says it's fertility friendly. At this point, I'm not that worried about it. I think a few of you actually reached out to me because you didn't like Pre-Seed and you said that coconut oil worked for you! I'm also NOT taking the mucinex every day during my fertile window. I did that the last two cycles and nothing so again, cervical mucous issues aren't the issue.

Honestly, I'm not doing anything special. I have been drinking FertiliTea every day and I really enjoy it. I'm hoping it works some magic with my body but you never know! 

In my appointment, my doctor was concerned about my luteal phase because it's only about 7 days. So per her instructions, I've purchased Progest and after ovulation, I'll be rubbing a small amount twice a day on my abdomen area. That may help strengthen the luteal phase (I think?) I mean, I'm up for trying anything if it will help. I've tried 100 products this far, why go back now? She also recommended Maca Root which if this month is not a success, I'll be trying that next month! I may even get my husband to take it too. I'll need to do more research on that.

I have been tracking my BBT and I have to tell ya'll, I'm so confused. I don't understand because I feel like I have a lot of jumps in my temps. It's odd. If you have any pointers, send them my way!

Another thing is that I haven't been using OPKs much. I test a few days ago and will probably test today because cycle day 16 is USUALLY when I get a peak but to be honest - I just don't have it in me to track the images this month. Like I said, I've done this for months and I've done all I can do. I've ovulated on cycle day 15-16 for months now so I know it's happening. I might just trust that timing! 

For those of you who have reached the year mark, did you get lazy when it hit a year because you knew you were about to get help? I don't really know what's going on with me but I'm just feeling really relaxed about it. I think knowing that in the next 2-3 weeks we will have my husband semen analysis, we will both have blood work, and I'll have my HSG done, is just making me feel comforted. Again, I'd love to get pregnant before having to do those things but it's out of my hands at this point. 

I think that's it for my pre-ovulation update! I have my fingers crossed that this is my month but I know that even if we are unsuccessful, it's all going to be okay and help is on the way! I also wanted to take a second to thank so many of you on Instagram because you offered me so much advice and support when I posted about my appointment and when I shared my last blog post. You ladies are AMAZING and this blog has brought so much joy to a journey that has been really disappointing thus far. I hope that I offer you the same support that you offer me, I try to at least.

I've come to realize that I have done all I can do on my own. Obviously, this is much bigger than my husband and I and we need help. So that's what we are going to do, get help and I couldn't be more excited for the next stage in the journey. We are hopeful to get answers and get pregnant when it's all said and done.

Thank you for all you do for me, Dreamers!