A Letter to My Husband, Who I Hope Gets to Celebrate Father's Day Next Year

Dear Sweet Husband,

I’ve started to write this letter five times now, I’m on my sixth attempt and I’m not sure that it will be a good one but here it goes. I wish that instead of writing you a letter of all of our shortcomings in the past year, that I were writing this in a Father’s Day card and signing it “From Baby C and me” but I’m not and for that I’m sorry. You are always so cool, calm, and collected and today I asked you if seeing dad’s with their newborn babies bothered you the way seeing pregnant women or women with their newborn bothered me and you said that it didn’t but only because you feel this journey is so different for me, than it is for you. You are so selfless and you worry so much more about me than you do yourself, that’s one reason I know that you’ll be an amazing dad (hopefully sooner rather than later). In ways, you are already a great dad. Although your only practice is with furry animals, you provide for them, cuddle them when they are scared, make sure that all of their necessary needs are met on a daily basis and shower them with more love than most animals gets to experience in their very short lifetime. On top of all of those great qualities, you are such a hard worker and you take all of the responsibilities on that you feel a man should be doing for his family. One reason (out of a billion) that I can’t wait until we create life is because I feel that it’s so important for children of the world to see the way you treat women, especially how you will treat their mother. You are always a gentleman even though we have been together for over six years now. You hold doors, take on all of the groceries (even if I offer to help), you do all of the dirty work and more. You would set a great example for how a little boy should treat a woman or the standards a little girl should set for her future husband. The bar would be so high in comparison to you. As we head into this next week and we start fertility testing and learn about the next steps in this journey to parenthood, I must tell you how extremely happy I am that I have you to go through this with. Your support and willingness to do whatever we have to do, is inspiring and makes me feel a lot less alone in this. No matter what comes our way, we are in this together. 

Luckily next year, you’ll get a card signed “From Baby C and me” and the letter will be a lot more uplifting and positive. There’s still a chance that next year this time, we have a baby in our arms. Let’s hold on to that and make it a reality.

I love you.


Your Wife