"It's Been A Year And I'm Still Not Pregnant, What's Next?"

I had my "It's been a year and I'm still not pregnant" appointment with my OBGYN this past Thursday, June 7th. I started crying about 3 minutes into the appointment, but in my defense -- I had just sat in a waiting room with two very pregnant women and one woman with a newborn. I kept thinking to myself, "I wonder how long it took them to get pregnant."

I don't know about you, but I think that often. I always look at pregnant women and wonder how long it took them to get pregnant. I wonder if they struggled just like I am. I wonder what they did that worked. The list goes on and on. 

This appointment was set to be my annual physical exam along with a consultation regarding trying to conceive. When I saw my doctor last, it was because of my really odd period. In case you don't remember, I started my period 7-8 days early during my seventh cycle of trying to conceive. We ruled it as my body doing what it wants to do and it hasn't happened since but at that appointment, my doctor told me to come back in June (when it will be a year/12 cycles) and then it would be time for my physical. Two birds, one stone.

We started the appointment talking about my fertility. She said "It's great to see you again but I'm really sorry that you are not pregnant yet," and I started crying. This cycle has been really hard for me. Anytime I talk about it, I cry. My doctor is very polite and thoughtful when she talks to me about this and when she said "I'm really sorry that you are not pregnant yet" I could tell that she meant that and that maybe she was surprised. I was teary eyed before I even sat down in the exam room.

I told her how my acupuncturist (who she works with a lot and goes to as a client) strongly suggests that I have Endometriosis. We discussed my periods since puberty, my symptoms, the fact that I've gone to the hospital because of my periods, and that I'm trying the anti-inflammatory diet, and she said she one-hundred percent agrees. She actually has Endometriosis and struggled to conceive her first child. 

My doctor is also concerned with my short luteal phase. It's only about 7 days which she said could very well be the reason why I'm not pregnant yet. She suggested that I buy a Progest cream and use it daily after ovulation. I purchased some right away! She also told me to take Maca Root, which I still need to purchase. I feel like I'm behind because I'm almost to ovulation so I don't know if I can try these products halfway in. 

I feel annoyed with my body because that is two things against me right now. 

We discussed the next steps and I am going to call a fertility clinic this week and set up a consultation for an HSG for me and a semen analysis for my husband. I feel really good about having a plan but I am so nervous because I hear that the HSG is very uncomfortable (and often painful). Luckily, my doctor actually had to get this done twice (and they both helped her conceive) and she gave me some tips and tricks to deal with the pain.

Sadly, the possibility of IUI and IVF were slightly mentioned. My doctor (who is a midwife) let me know that they obviously don't do that there. But the fertility clinic that we are going to, does. I just don't want to go to 100 different places. I know that she had to tell me that but the fact that it was mentioned really scares me. 

Something else that we discussed was doing a laparoscopy to remove any excess tissue in my uterus from the Endometriosis. This will also give me a surgical diagnosis which may help me insurance-wise (my doctor didn't say this, I use to work in the medical field so I know how this goes). 

Going into this appointment, I didn't know what to expect. I mean, I've never done this before. I didn't know if they could do any of the needed procedures there. I didn't know how quickly I could get a referral. I had a lot of questions and felt like my doctor answered all of them. 

Although I feel a lot better, I just don't know how we got here. A year ago, we had a conversation to start trying to conceive and now we are making appointments with a fertility clinic. 

If you've had an HSG, please leave a comment or email me. I'd love to hear any advice or information that you have to share.

And if your husband has done a semen analysis, I know that my husband would greatly appreciate your advice too!